Seifuku no Fuji (制服のフジ)

Seifuku no Fuji is a store in the center of Kure City that sells uniforms of the Self-Defense Forces and the former Navy, as well as original goods of the Maritime Self-Defense Force. In addition to clothing, Seifuku no Fuji also makes handkerchiefs and tote bags embroidered with warships and submarines, which can be given as souvenirs from Kure. The store is popular not only with fans of the former Navy and Self-Defense Forces who are looking for costumes, but also with tourists who are looking for souvenirs of their visit to Kure.

In addition to uniforms for Maritime Self-Defense Force sailors, Seifuku no Fuji sells many marine goods related to the Maritime Self-Defense Force and the former Navy. Particularly popular are items with the sailor collar, the famous trademark of battleship crews. There are many fashionable and cute products such as cute stuffed teddy bears wearing sailor uniforms and tote bags with sailor collar designs. Another popular souvenir is a set of stainless steel tableware and retort curry that are actually used on submarines.


1-1-21 Nakadori, Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Tel: 0823-21-7731
Fax: 0823-25-0130
9:00 - 19:00
Sunday, public holidays