Dashi Doraku Vending Machines

The Dashi Doraku Vending Machines in Nakadori, Kure City, is one of the few “dashi” vending machines in the world, with a 500ml plastic bottle filled with dashi made from fish and kelp, and ingredients such as roasted flying fish. At a vending machine in Nakadori, Kure City, you can purchase dashi such as “Dashi-Doraku PREMIUM,” which is only available in Hiroshima, “Yaki-Ago-Iri,” which is the most popular, and “Kombu-Iri,” which uses dashi from kombu.

The dashi in PET bottles sold at the Dashi Doraku Vending Machines in Nakadori, Kure City is made using carefully selected ingredients and a method that has been handed down in Hiroshima since before World War II. All of the ingredients in the PET bottle, such as grilled sea eel (flying fish) and kelp, are from Japan. The grilled sea eel is grilled over a charcoal fire to prevent the tastelessness of seafood, and the kelp is added together with dashi for a more mature taste. The Hiroshima-only “Dashi-Doraku Premium” has a refined taste with grilled sea eel and Soda-bushi, which is made by smoking bonito from Shikoku.


737-00464-1-20 Nakadori, Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture
Open 24 hours
Open all year round