Sobadokoro Donguri Iori (そば処 どんぐり庵)

The Toyohira Soba Dojo at Sobadokoro Donguri Iori, a soba restaurant, is a hands-on facility located within Donguri Village, a roadside station in Kitahiroshima-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture. At the Toyohira Soba Dojo, you can learn how to make soba the Toyohira way under the guidance of a soba maker, and you can actually eat the freshly made soba right there. However, since soba can cause allergies, it is recommended that you check for allergies with a patch test before the experience.

(Workshop Fee)
5 servings ¥3,600
※ For ¥250 per person, you can sample your own hand-made soba. Guests who would like to take it home will provided with an ice-filled cooler box (please eat it on the same day).
※ For those with allergies, soba may cause a servere allergic reaction. It is recommended that you check for allergies via a patch test, etc. before participating in the workshop.

At Toyohira Soba Dojo, you can enjoy the soba-making experience without having to bring any of your own equipment, such as buckwheat flour, water, a set of tools for making soba, or an apron. Since you can make soba for up to five people in one soba-making session, there are many groups of parents and children, couples, and others who participate. In addition, all participants will receive a “Certificate of Initiation” at the end of the soba making experience, and after the second time, they can aim to obtain the rank of Toyohira-style soba maker.


2609 Tsujimi, Kitahiroshima Town, Yamagata District, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Morning session: 10:30~
Afternoon session: 14:00~
Ever 3rd Tuesday of the month, New Year's Holidays, Soba Festival Day