Takatsudo Honten

The Takatsudo Honten is the first and oldest of the more than 20 Momiji Manju stores in Hiroshima. It is one of the few Momiji Manju shops that use the traditional hand-baking method, and you can taste the unique difference. The Takatsudo Honten is a three-minute walk from JR Miyajima-guchi Station. These specialty Momiji Manju are sold at the Takatsudo store and at the “Hatsukoi Market” in the passenger terminal of the ferry crossing to Miyajima. In Hiroshima City, they are sold at the Ekie shopping mall directly next to Hiroshima Station.

The Takatsudo Honten’s Momiji Manju is uniquely handmade without using any machines. Their baking methods have not changed since 1906, when Momiji Manju were first made. Since each of Takatsudo’s Momiji Manjus is made by skilled bakers, they have a distinctly organic texture compared to ordinary Momiji Manju. Takatsudo also uses the same baking molds used when the company was founded in 1906 to preserve the original shape of the Momiji Manju.


739-04122-6-25 Miyajimaguchi-Nishi, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Open all year round