Seafood & Kushiage Dining Hidetora

Hidetora’s Seafood & Skewers Dining is an izakaya restaurant located in Hiro Station (Kure City). Surrounded by a Japanese-style interior, you can enjoy excellent dishes from all over Japan and local sake. Besides single dishes such as sashimi and nigiri-zushi, the restaurant also offers course meals that include all-you-can-drink alcohol, so you can fully enjoy all the delicious food and drinks. However, please note that this restaurant is only open for dinner.

At Hidetora’s Seafood & Skewers Dining, you can enjoy delicious dishes from Hiroshima and other parts of Japan. One of the appealing features of Hidetora is that you can fully experience a wide array of culinary cultures that Japan is proud of. Everything from Okinawan cuisine (with ingredients shipped directly from Okinawa) to Osaka’s Kushiage (fried skewers), famous for its “no-double-dipping” culture. Hidetora carefully selects only the very best ingredients for its dishes. In particular, they only choose the freshest natural fish and shellfish from the market each morning. The menu also offers a variety of dishes to match all four seasons of Hiroshima.


1-11-1, Hirohonmachi, Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture