Gulamour Pain

Glamour Pain is a bakery located in Fukuyama City. The store looks like a bakery in downtown France, and there are always dozens of varieties of bread on display. In addition to the standard croissants, there are also bacon epi, danishes, and other richly varied breads. In addition, new breads are always being baked and put on the shelves, so it is easy to find freshly baked bread.

The most popular item on the menu at Glamour Pane Main Store is the “Menta France,” a French bread stuffed with spicy mentaiko (spicy cod roe). The most popular menu item at Glamour Pain is the “Mentaiko France,” a French bread stuffed with spicy mentaiko, which is a dish made by marinating pollack roe in chili peppers. Glamourpane uses a whole belly of spicy mentaiko (spicy mentaiko roe) from Fukuoka Prefecture, which is famous for its spicy mentaiko roe.


7-21-09752-1-21 Nishifukatsu-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan720-0066
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