Wooden Toy Hana

Wooden Toy HANA is a wooden toy store in Miyoshi City. The store is lined with natural-colored wooden shelves, where you can find not only standard wooden blocks and wooden horses, but also miniature xylophones, rattles, and other wooden toys that can be played with by children as young as 0 years old. Most of the products sold at the store are made of wood made in Japan, and many small items such as wooden straps and photo frames are available as souvenirs.

The most popular items at “Wooden Toy HANA” are the wooden dolls made of only the finest wood from Japan. In Japan, when a child is born, it is customary to give a Hina doll to a girl and a May doll to a boy to pray for the healthy growth of the child. Wooden Toys HANA sells fashionable wooden hina dolls and gogatsu dolls dyed in traditional Japanese colors, and they are one of the most popular items bought by many people every year.


729-6215503-1 Eda Kawanouchi-cho, Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Sunday, Wednesday