Okashi-no-kura Sakuraya

Okashi-no-kura Sakuraya is a Japanese sweets shop located in Saijo, Higashihiroshima City. The store sells elegantly sweet Japanese sweets such as “barrel monaka” and “bottle monaka,” in which sake lees and sake are mixed into the bean jam, and “Saijo Sakagura Dori,” in which sake is kneaded into the dough. They also sell sponge cakes with honey, and Western-style confectionaries such as “Spica-chan Tamago Senbei” (egg crackers), part of the proceeds of which are donated to animal welfare activities.

At Okashi-no-kura Sakuraya, you can buy delicious Japanese sweets made from sake and sake lees. The most popular wagashi is the “Tarumonaka,” a barrel-shaped monaka filled with red bean paste. You can choose from two types: grained bean paste made with Dainagon azuki beans from Hokkaido, or white bean paste mixed with sake lees and sake. This is a delicious Japanese snack that can be enjoyed by people who don’t like sake and children who can’t drink sake.


739-001111-27 Saijo-Honmachi, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture.
9:00am-6:00pm (Can vary by season)
Open all year round