Kobokudo (Cafe Altana)

Kobokudo is a specialty store that sells a variety of karinto. Karinto is a Japanese confection similar to the Spanish pesteño, made by deep-frying a dough made of flour, covering it with honey, and drying it. In addition to the standard flavors such as green tea and kinako, you can also buy karinto with unique Hiroshima flavors such as oyster, Hiroshima greens, and sake lees. Sake-kasu Karintou is made from various brands of Japanese sake produced in Saijo.

The charm of Kobokudo is the wide variety of flavors of its karintou. Many of the flavors are made with Hiroshima Prefecture products and Saijo sake, and are popular as souvenirs during trips to Hiroshima. The most popular product is “Hiroshima Karintou Monogatari,” an assortment of nine types of karintou with flavors from Hiroshima ingredients. Oysters, Hiroshima greens, sesame, sesame seeds, burdock root, soybean flour, bamboo charcoal, lemon, and chirimenjaya are all made from ingredients grown in Hiroshima.


739-26111499-1 Ohtada, Kurose-cho, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan739-2206
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