gallery shop MASUYA

Gallery shop MASUYA is a general store located in Tomonoura, Fukuyama City, which was renovated from Masuya Seiemon’s house, where Sakamoto Ryoma, a samurai in the mid-19th century, stayed to hide from assassins. In the store, which retains the atmosphere of a Japanese house from the 19th century, you will find original goods with the Tomonoura scenery as a motif, Japanese paper goods, and many other fashionable goods for daily use.

(‘Ryoma’s Hidden Room’ – Admission Fee)
Adult – ¥200
Student (up to High School) – ¥100
※ Admission to general stores is free
※If you wish to use your student discount, please present your passport or school ID at reception before entering.

At the “gallery shop MASUYA”, you can buy original goods depicting the scenery of Tomonoura as well as fashionable goods selected from all over Japan. One of the most popular items is the Japanese paper brand “OFF. The brand “OFF,” which uses Japanese paper born in Japan, is particularly popular, and sells miscellaneous Japanese goods that are useful in daily life, such as Japanese paper that can be used to wipe off glasses. Also, at Masuya Seiemon’s house, where the gallery shop MASUYA is located, you can actually visit the hidden room in the ceiling where Sakamoto Ryoma once hid from assassins (for a fee).


720-0201422 Tomo, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
(We operate on public holidays)